Our last day of SAS started off with a few games and workshops run by the teachers, assistants and our wonderful guest Akane, who very helpfully has been a member of our staff since day two. Akane also taught us a few interesting things about Japan.

After the workshops we sat down for the last lunch break, we talked about everyone's plans for the rest of the summer, we revealed our secret friends of the week and headed to the classroom for a surprise.

The final activity, the surprise everyone had been waiting for was a disco! James who earlier in the day had a dj workshop played us some music as we danced, played limbo and celebrated all our achievements from the last two weeks.

Here's a few things some of the children said about the Summer Activity School this year:

"I liked this summer school very much. I got new friends and we had fun together. I had fun and everyone is so happy." - Silja

"I liked all of it." - Niklas

"I think it was special."…


The long day

Tim had a recipe for each of 5 small groups today, starting with a list of ingredients – that the children went shopping for. Back at the school they mixed, stirred, crushed, squeezed, whisked etc all those ingredients into five delicious dishes for the evening.

Two visitors made guest-star appearances – our assistants Lauri and Anton from last year! And Safina and Anton laughed all over again at the way Anton broke an egg on last year’s cookery day. (Sometimes the old jokes are the best ones…)

Some time was needed in the afternoon to get ready for the parents’ evening; there was a short play needing rehearsal, several SAS-highlights reports to be practised, a whole room to be decorated, a welcome to chalked onto the yard surface outside …

Then those that weren’t going home between, joined English Club of Oulu members in sunny Ainola Park to grill sausages and spend some more time together, talking and playing games. And then there was the parents’ evening - but that’s another…


We had quite the running start today as we were on a tight schedule, which meant that we did not have time for a "warming up" game. Instead, our visitor Ville, taught us a thing or two about volleyball. We learned some useful volleyball skills today, such as a few different ways of passing and getting the ball. YAY!

After we had acquired the skills to play, we ended our volleyball session with a match against Ville.
After volleyball, our merry band of SAS students, assistants and staff split into three groups, each with an activity of their own.

The first group walked to Tietomaa, to watch a 3D movie: Flight of the Butterflies. We enjoyed the movie and were amazed by the visual beauty of it and the butterflies. It even made some of us want to visit these butterfly "sanctuaries".

Ready for the movie

Another group went to the library. There they were able to return old books, get new ones and enjoy some light reading. 

Books were found and Mr. Broccoli is enjoying t…


Today we explored sound with our guest Minna, who taught us how to make different rythyms and played many fun games such as musical chairs and the telephone. We also solved riddles in teams.

The students singing with Minna while she played a drum

Alexandra showing Emma her musical talent 

We even drew with chalk outside and created beautiful pictures.


Today we started off yet again with a talented beautiful visitor and two workshops. Our visitor Katja introduced us to American football.

The other workshop included a game of musical chairs, an improvised on the floor balloon game and an introduction to Australian football by one of our teachers Tim.

After lunch we wrote to our new secret friends and did various activities such as playing EndZone, making friendship bracelets, twister, origami and drawing-guessing games.

Last but not least we all gathered in the school gym, formed groups of four to five children and played another improvise game: Let's build it!






HALFWAY Time has flown and we have enjoyed our first week doing all sorts of activities. Before going home for the weekend we had two workshops: hula hooping with the amazing Elina and making our own juggling balls and learning to juggle.

After the workshops, we went to the park to make friendship bracelets, play twister and eat ice creams. We played a game in which almost everyone evolved from amoeba to human and we said goodbye to the other two "one week only" kids Enna and Aapo. We wish you two have a lovely summer!